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Craft ACT Members Exhibition 2018 – Place Makers

Placemakers Opening Craft ACT
Cubed Ottoman – Lead-beater Forest design – print on velvet
Placemakers Opening Craft ACT
Cubed Ottoman – Lead-beater Forest design – print on velvet
Me with my Ottoman – Lead-beater Forest design – print on velvet
Placemakers Opening Craft ACT
Placemakers Opening Craft ACT                                                                                                                                                                        Photographer:  5foot photography

About the Exhibition:

The 2018 Craft ACT members show was a celebration and exploration of the Canberra region’s distinct design identity defined by place, craftsmanship and experimentation. 

Placemaking is designing with the past, present and future in mind, to develop identity and pride, and to increase social and cultural capital. Canberra is a city of design and a place of makers who bring skills, knowledge, dedication and commitment to create their craft and nourish our community. Acclaimed designers, makers and craftspeople ­– including jewellers, glass and textiles artists, ceramicists, fashion and furniture designers ­– are globally connected but choose to live, work and make in the Canberra region. For nearly 50 years, Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre has supported these artists and helped to establish a creative and closely-knit community.

PLACE MAKERS was inspired by the thoughts of acclaimed Japanese architect (and distinguished DESIGN Canberra 2018 collaborator) Kengo Kuma: a place is ‘rich’ not because of its natural environment, resources, or skilled craftspeople but instead gains its value through the relationship between these things. You can view the works here.

My contribution was a  ‘Cubed Ottoman’ showcasing one of our most popular designs ‘Leadbeater Forrest’ the design features hand-drawn illustrations of two critically endangered species the Leadbeater Possum and Helmeted Honeyeater. The design has been digitally printed onto a lush velvet cloth and upholstered over a cube frame.

Our Leadbeater Forrest design is available as a print by the lineal meter on wallpaper, commercial grade fabric and linen, to order samples or meters shop here. The cubed Ottoman is custom made to order, if you would like to purchase contact us – POA.

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Frame Melbourne Hoarding Project
hoarding project framed Melbourne before the photography was added.
The beginnings of the project install before the photo frames were added. Designs from left to right are Bees in the Bottle-brush, Butterfly Gem, Birds in the Flowers, Hibiscus Swirl &  Leadbeater Forrest.


Hoarding project framed Melbourne after the framed photography was added.
Close up of the finished project with the photo frames.


Elevation view showing the scale of the project.


Another close up from the right side of the project. Wallpaper design Leadbeater Forest.


Hoarding project framed Melbourne after the framed photography was added.
The left side of the project showing our Bees in the Bottlebrush design.


Hoarding project framed Melbourne after the framed photography was added.
The final project.


Frame Melbourne is a project run by landscape Architecture students from RMIT’s School of Architecture and Design and Lendlease’s Melbourne Quarter development. The students designed an interactive artwork gallery on a 17 metre long hoarding as part of Melbourne Quarter’s site on the corner of Spencer and Flinders Streets.

The project captures the essence of life in Melbourne through photographs taken by the public looking through a window of a favourite space in the city.​ The images needed to include include the window frame and part of the room interior but no people. All the images needed to be hashtagged # FRAMEMELB then shared on Instagram and Facebook before being uploaded to the main website. A selection of these photographs were then printed and framed to form part of the exhibit.  Tamara design Co was asked to supply a number of wallpaper designs to be used as the backdrop for the photographs the students re-coloured the designs to suit their creative vision.

You are invited to check out the Frame Melbourne exhibition which will run thoughout 2017 at the temporary Melbourne Quarter Hoarding Gallery on the corner of Spencer and Flinders streets in Melbourne. Head on over to their website for more information.


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Banksia Medley

Banksia Medley is an intricate design featuring Banksia and Grevillea flowers with Blue wrens, Scarlet breasted robyn and the Regent Honeyeater. Design looks great printed on our linen , wallpaper or commercial fabric.
The beginning – the initial sketch – pencil on paper
Regent Honeyeater – the initial sketch – pencil on paper
Grevillea & Scarlet Honeyeater – the initial sketch – pencil on paper and the digital version
Banksia Medley with yellow flowers
Banksia Medley with teal flowers
Banksia Medley with peach flowers
Banksia Medley with lime green flowers


It’s always a satisfying feeling to add a new design to your collection of works. This creation was inspired by the Banksia Integrifolia, commonly known as coast banksia and is found growing along the east coast of Australia. I have added a branch of Grevillea and a few much loved Australian Birds, such as the Blue Wren, Regent Honeyeater and the Scarlet Honeyeater, these can be found scattered amongst the Banksia leaves. The design features details that are all hand-drawn in graphite pencil and then digitally coloured in Photoshop, with the spray painted background adding a contemporary touch. It’s available printed as a wallpaper, commercial upholstery fabric and on crisp Linen. You can order samples here.

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Fabric – Jungle birds at the Darling & Co Brisbane

jungle birds at Darling and Co
Darling & Co in Brisbane with junglebirds fabric
Jungle birds fabric in green on a banquette seat and wallpanel at the Darling & Co Brisbane,  Interior fit-out by Brisbane architectural firm Marc & Co – photo courtesy of Must do Brisbane.
Show casing Jungle birds fabric in green on the  banquette seat at the Darling & Co Brisbane,  Interior fit-out by Brisbane architectural firm Marc & Co – photo courtesy of Marc & Co.
Jungle birds fabric in green on a banquette seat and wall-panel at the Darling & Co Brisbane,  Interior fit-out by Brisbane architectural firm Marc & Co – photo courtesy of Marc & Co.
junglebirds - green
Jungle Birds in Green

Our Jungle Birds fabric was chosen by Marc & Co Architecture firm for a banquette seat feature and wall-panel in the new restaurant Darling & Co in the Brisbane precinct of Paddington. The design has lush green foilage and features the endangered Gouldian finch nestled in between the leaves,  it perfectly compliments the light and airy modern interior of the  new venue. We have a number of fabrics that can be printed with the Jungle Birds design that are suitable for both commercial and residential interiors. The design is available as a wallpaper too. If you would like to incorporate Jungle Birds into your interior or order a sample of this fabric please contact us here.

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Henry Bucks & Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Silk bowtie featuring handpainted motifs inspired by algea from the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Algea collection.


Claudea Elegans, – original design created with watercolour
Algae design 4: watercolour & pen on paper - repeat pattern
Entwisleia bella – original design water colour on paper.
luxury accessories with Henry Bucks
Me, Loving that scarf, printed in Italy on 100% fine wool.
Bow tie with Entwisleia bella, named after Professor Tim Entwisle the current director of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
claudea_elegans_tie_pocket scarf
Claudea Elegans looking fine on the tie and pocket hanky.
Paul Salmon the HB Brand ambassador
Beautiful pocket squares printed in Italy,  looking fine at the Henry Bucks pop up.
Claudia elegans scarf
Claudia elegans print on fine wool, unisex scarf printed in Italy available from the Henry Bucks pop up.
Henry Bucks Silk Ties
Gorgeous silk ties – with Claudea elegans and Entwisleia bella
Tim Entwisle wearing the Entwisleia bella tie
Tim from Henry Bucks with Paul Salmon  both looking dapper at the Henry Bucks pop up.
Networking at the Henry Bucks pop up product launch with Genty Marshall, Roze Elizabeth and Barbara Marshall.

HENRY BUCKS LAUNCH NEW ALGAE COLLECTION The delicate forms of red algae specimens from the State Botanical Collection at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria now adorn Henry Bucks’ latest accessory collection to be launched on Monday 17 August at The Terrace. Entwisleia bella and Claudea elegans have been transformed by textile artist Tamara Schneider into contemporary designs for a range of luxury handmade Italian silk accessories including ties, bow ties, pocket squares, and scarves.

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria’s collaboration with Henry Bucks will assist in raising much needed funds for a new Herbarium building to house the historically significant and irreplaceable State Botanical Collection, now numbering 1.5 million specimens. Professor Tim Entwisle, Director and Chief Executive of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, welcomed the collaboration, saying that it was a fantastic opportunity to partner with another great Melbourne institution. “Henry Bucks and Tamara Schneider are to be congratulated on recognising the beauty in these algal specimens. This is a rare opportunity to showcase some of our intriguing Australian marine flora.” Tim Cecil, Managing Director of Henry Bucks said he felt honoured and excited about the collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. “I couldn’t think of a better partnership between the two Melbourne institutions. Tamara’s adaptations of the stunning algae specimens were a natural fit to be printed onto silk and to be used in these beautiful accessories. We have worked closely with the Gardens and with top artisans in Como and Florence in Italy to create the collection and I think the results are exquisite.” Claudea elegans is just one of thousands of red algae in the State Botanical Collection. When it was first collected by Ronald Gunn in Tasmania over 160 years ago, he described is ‘as one of the most beautiful plants known to science’. In fact European scientists were so besotted with this alga they pressured their governments to seek out seaweeds as well as other exotic creatures when on their expeditions to the antipodes. Over 150 years later, another new and equally beautiful red alga was discovered on the Tasmanian coast. Entwisleia bella was named after the Gardens’ Director and Chief Executive Professor Tim Entwisle, himself an international expert in the classification of algae. This seaweed is extremely rare and unusual, and has been classified in its own family and order, making it the equivalent of finding the first primate or conifer on Earth!

A pop-up Henry Bucks store will operate from the lakeside gift shop at the Melbourne Gardens featuring the Henry Bucks accessory collection, as well as other merchandise featuring algae specimens. 

Excerpt from Media Release issued on 13th August 2015. Media enquiries: Robyn Merrett on 0438 656 144 or 9252 2470

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Textile Design – commission Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Handpainted pattern design inpired by algea from the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria collection.
Claudea elegans. Photo from the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne algae collection
Algae design 1: watercolour & pen on paper
Algae design 2: watercolour & pen on paper – repeat pattern
Algae design 3: watercolour & pen on paper - repeat pattern
Algae design 3: watercolour & pen on paper – repeat pattern
Algae design 4: watercolour & pen on paper - repeat pattern
Algae design 4: watercolour & pen on paper – repeat pattern
Algae design 5: watercolour & pen on paper - repeat pattern
Algae design 5: watercolour & pen on paper – repeat pattern

I was approached by the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne in 2013 to design a collection of prints for a new menswear range for the Gardens Shop. This was a collaboration between me, RBGM and Henry Bucks Menswear. It was a very creative and interesting process for me and I was lucky to have such a fantastic client who trusted my design aesthetic, design ability and encouraged my creativity.  Three designs were chosen by the client and will be printed onto beautiful Italian silk and then made into fashion accessories for men and women. The product range will include mens ties, mens scarves and women’s scarves.

The new range will be launched in August 2015 and will be available for purchase from The Gardens shop and Henry Bucks stores throughout Australia.

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Textile Design Development

butterfly gem  – colour 1                                         


butterfly gem  – colour 2                           

butterflycolour1 butterfly gem  – colour 3 


butterfly gem  – colour 4


butterfly gem  – colour 5 


Colour Sampling


Introducing our new design collection Butterfly Gem. This large scale butterfly textile design is  available as a commercial fabric and wallpaper.

The final part of the process is the colour sampling, It is a requirement of the production process that all colour’s are test printed and adjusted before being available for purchase. We recommend to order a sample of your chosen design before you order your meters. Order your wallpaper sample here.

Butterfly Gem

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Textile design commission

Printed on wallpaper,fabric and linen our junglebirds design features Gauldian finches and silver eye sitting amongst the foliage.


Project 1: Private Commission – Brief: to design a jungle/tropical inspired print with Australian flora and fauna.

The client was happy for me to utilise some of the motifs I had already drawn from previous design collections. Using a combination of these drawings and newly illustrated jungle leaves, this design evolved. The finished print will be digitally printed on Belgian linen and used by the client to upholster pieces of bespoke furniture. Jungle Birds will eventually be added to the Funky Wombat Textiles linen collection and be available as a wallpaper and commercial fabric.

jungle birds repeat


jungle birds