Fabric Care

 Melbourne and the Canvas FR.


– Separate from heavy soiled items prior to washing.

– Do not wash with cotton or cotton / polyester fabrics to avoid attracting lint colours.

 – Whites should be washed separately


– Warm hand wash or warm gentle machine wash. Overloading of a washing machine

can give rise to a form of creasing known as pressure creasing, therefore unload by

up to 25% in open pocket machines, and up to 50% may be required in some pocket type machines.

– Do not use soap use a specially formulated detergent compound.

– Avoid thermal shock by cooling down the load gradually, particularly after the hot wash and during the rinsing stages.

– Fabric temperatures must be below 60 degrees c before extraction or before cold rinsing occurs. Dry Cleanable at P50

– Washable at 56.8°C

– Dry cleanable at P50

– Do not clean with any form of Solvents. Use formulated detergents only.

– For best results hang curtains by their hooks immediately to avoid creasing,

– Dry cleanable P50 and Shrinkage 3%


After washing and hydro extracting, these fabrics can be either tumbled dry or finished through with an ironing machine.

Tumble dryers should again be underloaded between 25 – 50 %. If overloaded proper tumbling action and air circulation will not occur.

– Load should only be dried to an exhaust air temperature of 80 degrees c.

– Cool down dryer to room temperature by ventilating in a rotating drum before dryer is turned off.

– Remove fabrics quickly and fold. Greater care must be given if calendering.

– Do not over dry , but ensure a level of 20 – 30 % residual moisture remains in the fabric.

– Possible shrinkage 3%